Dreams are meant to be realized. The five of us had one particular dream. Today, after 6 years of playing together, it’s becoming true!
Our debut full-length album entitled

“Modern Love & Old-Fashioned Death”

is finally out!

The album is available digitally on streaming platforms like: Spotify, Tidal, iTunes etc.

also You can buy CD’s in Omen Records Music Shop =>


or on our Gig’s of course ­čść

Let us paraphrase here the words of one great artist, saying that from now on this is not our album, but yours instead.
We entrust you this little part of ourselves, these broken fragments of our rebellious souls, like horcruxes; the fruit of cooperation & our passion, the sum of our fears and sleepless nights and a great amount of hours that we’ve devoted together and each of us individually to make this material possible, that’s because the album is practically 100% made by us.
We wish to thank all those who supported us and continue to support our little band, it gives us some ultrapower to keep on going.
Let us know somehow whether you like or dislike the album. We’ll be happier then.
So, enjoy your morning coffee & enjoy listening
And happy, happy halloween…

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