You wanted it, you have it; and if you didn’t, you have it too…
At first, it was supposed to be another full-length, in fact, there were even small, but quite serious plans on recording this album in two versions, both Polish and English, but quite honestly, without beating around the bush, this direction did not suit everyone in the group, that’s why we decided to cancel on the entire project before it took any serious shape and then, perhaps, take some different path? However, we felt bad to just throw off these songs fully into the garbage can, so we decided that we would record’em and share with you. This may seem a bit complicated, but that’s fuckin’ life, right?

The material is short, but consisely to the point. Here’s “Meandry”.

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Meanwhile, the band is not giving up and is slowly frying the new music, soÔÇŽ Follow The Raven ­čľĄ


P.S. It would be nice, or at least it will tickle our filthy souls, if you let us know what you actually think about our new material.

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