“End of The Masquerade” official video. Produced by Grupa13

“Raven’s Heart” at Makakofonia Radio Broadcast

“No Tomorrow” official video. Produced by: Synthetic Blast / Edit: Tentacles Studio

Liga Rocka 2018 finals (Błonia Jeleniogórskie, Jelenia Góra) – end of the show

 EMERGENZA FESTIVAL 2017 FINALS (Warsaw, Proxima Club)

1. “Raven’s Heart” Live Emergenza Festival
2. “No Tomorrow” Live Emergenza Festival
3. “Alone I Burn” Live Emergenza Festival
4. “Into The Abyss” Live Emergenza Festival
5. “Is This The End?” Live Emergenza Festival

“No Tomorrow” Emergenza Festival – local finals (ZetPeTe club, Cracow 2017)

Full show (music only!) at Emergenza Festival semi-finals (ZetPeTe club, Cracow 2017)
1. Chronos
2. No Tomorrow
3. Reach The Skies
4. Alone I Burn
5. Raven’s Heart

“Raven’s Heart” First stage on EMERGENZA FESTIVAL Poland 2017 (Alchemia club, Cracow)

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