Premiera naszego video do utworu „No Tomorrow” z nadchodzącego debiutanckiego albumu „Modern Love & Old-Fashioned Death”

Muzyka: Synthetic Blast
Słowa: Jareg Nemo
Nagrano, mix i mastering – MZx Studio (Marek Żurkowski) 
Reżyseria: Jareg Nemo
Kamera: Bartosz Żurkowski
Zacny montaż: Maciej Dunin-Borkowski (Tentacles Studio)
Asystentka reżysera: Weronika Żurkowska

„No Tomorrow”

I don’t care what they say
I don’t mind what you thought
No one has rights to judge me
I’m livin’ on my own!

I know these words can be obscure
It’s not a goddamn confession of a fool
My soul is wearing black, I’m haunted by its curse
This cold breath on my back, the grim reaper comes

There is a hole in my soul
It’s why I’m living like there’s no tomorrow
Just hit the road, forget it all and dance with death!
Livin’ like there’s no tomorrow

I got the Devil behind my neck, so what?!
At least I’m not a hypocrite like you
I’m not against the law, but the law is against me
You say it’s a rebellion, I call it freedom!

No remorse! No more „Excusez-moi!”
My middle finger salutes you!
I won’t be faking, I’m done with care for the fools
’Cause they are wasting my fucking time… (It’s all I have)
Don’t you hear my voice? I CURSE YOU ALL!

If there’s no tomorrow, what would you do?
There’s no tomorrow – what if it’s true?
I don’t feel sorrow…
Livin’ like there’s no tomorrow
No remorse! No more „Excusez-moi!”
My middle finger salutes you too!

SyntheticBlast #ModernLoveAndOldFashionedDeath #NoTomorrow #TentaclesStudio #PolishMetal

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